cruises baltimore

cruises baltimore

Friday, January 18, 2008

Royal Caribbean Cruise Specials Can Surely Be the Way to Go

Cruising has fascinated the whole world primarily because in the beginning it was a vacation only the rich could afford and second, after cruising was made affordable to everyone of us, we realized that it is by far the best way to take a vacation.

There are many cruise ship companies out there to feed the ever-growing demand for cruising around the world. However, each cruise line has its own characteristics through which it has made a name for itself and thus, booked and rated by the passengers. Royal Caribbean cruise specials however offer the best packages on any existing itinerary.

What You Should Know About Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has 20 different class ships sailing today to more than 170 destinations worldwide. The company has made one commitment and that is of excellence; they have never compromised on quality and service no matter how much of a bargain cruise vacation the tickets for a particular cruise were.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has maintained its standards through the years and has managed to grow constantly. Today all Royal Caribbean cruise specials offer not only the most elegant and entertaining ships but they also offer the possibility to cruise on the largest ship in the world: the Freedom of the Seas.

Freedom of the Seas has a passenger capacity of 3,634 double occupancy, with a gross tonnage of 160,000 tons. The largest ship in the world measures in length 1,112 feet, beam 184 feet and draft 28 feet; this beauty can catch a speed of 21.6 knots on the high seas. Besides the impressive measurements, the Freedom of the Seas also has some world class entertaining as well such as, an ice-skating ring, rock climbing wall, cantilevered whirlpools, themed bars and lounges, full-size flat screen televisions in every stateroom and extensive wifi connectivity for cell phones to name just a few of her amazing features.

Why You Should Choose A Royal Caribbean Cruise Special

You should choose Royal Caribbean cruise special because they offer the best value for your money; great ships, world famous cuisine, spa, gym and activities throughout the day and night besides the fact that they cover the best destinations in the entire world.

To book a cruise and/or learn more about all Royal Caribbean cruise specials go to their official website or contact a local travel agent who will be able to provide you with brochures and other detailed information about itinerary and the cruise that will best fit your requirements.


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