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Saturday, May 17, 2008

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Enjoy Freestyle Cruising With Norwegian Caribbean Cruise Line

If you are considering a cruise, then you should seriously consider the Norwegian Caribbean Cruise Line as your cruise company of choice. Why? Because the Norwegian Caribbean Cruise Line offers some of the newest trends in cruise luxury. On a Norwegian Caribbean Cruise, you are free to do whatever you choose. No highly structures schedule here! Their motto is "Freestyle Cruising" and they do whatever they can to make sure their passengers have the freedom to spend their vacation however they wish. Norwegian Caribbean Cruise Line's motto of "Lifestyle Cruising" can be a little confusing to the experienced traveler. What does it mean? Norwegian Caribbean Cruise Line prides them on being innovative with their cruises. They do not greet passengers with a list of rules and a detailed schedule. Passengers can choose to plan each moment of their trip ahead of time, or go with their whims each day of the trip.

For example, there are no scheduled times for meals on these ships. You can eat at the many restaurants on board whenever you choose. And, they offer so many restaurants on each ship that you can spend your entire trip without repeating a meal or restaurant. You choose when you eat, and what you eat! Dining is not a dress up occasion, unless you want it to be. Now that's cruise freedom.

Accommodations Choices

Another way you have choices with Norwegian Caribbean Cruise Line's Freestyle Cruising is through your accommodation choices. You can choose to stay in traditional staterooms, or if you are traveling with your family, you can choose a family suite. If you want an ocean view, you can have it. Or for the ultimate in luxury Norwegian, consider the Owner's Suite, where you have access to your very own entertainment center and movie library, a private butler, and chocolates on your pillow each night!

Off Ship Trips

Of course, cruise vacation Caribbean no cruise is complete without a few trips off the ship, and Norwegian Caribbean Cruise Line is no different. Whether you are exploring the shores of distant Spain, or catching some rays on a Caribbean beach, there are multitudes of things to explore, see, and do when your cruise ship is docked. And, like everything aboard a Norwegian Caribbean Cruise Line ship, you make the choice as to what you want to do when you get off the ship. You're sure to enjoy the cruise experience.


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