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Thursday, June 26, 2008

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Consider Taking the Kids on a Caribbean Family Cruise

One of the best family vacations you could consider is a Caribbean family cruise. Imagine exploring the beauty of a tropical paradise with those you love the most--your family! Your kids will have the best Royal Caribbean "What I Did This Summer" story when they return to school, and you will build great family memories while enjoying your Caribbean family cruise. And Royal Caribbean is one of the best cruise lines to use for your Caribbean family cruise. One reason that Royal Caribbean's family cruise is so great is because of Adventure Ocean. This is just one of the many amenities offered to passengers aboard royal Caribbean's vast fleet of cruise ships. This program is designed to keep your kids entertained while they are on board the ship. And, while they play, they are learning! Adventure Ocean is not just babysitting. Your children will participate in activities designed to teach them about the local customs in the area where you are sailing, as well as fun scientific experiments. This is a great way to enjoy some mom and dad time, while knowing that your kids are having fun too. And, each of the people who work at Adventure Ocean is a college educated teacher, so you do not need to worry about qualifications.

Food For Thought

With all of the learning that happens on a Royal Caribbean family cruise, how are you going to fuel your little ones' minds? No worries about stuffy cruise food on a Caribbean family cruise! There are specialized kid's menus with kid friendly favorites such as hot dogs, peanut butter and jelly Caribbean, and even pizza. And if mom and dad want a romantic meal at a fancy restaurant, the staff will host kid's only dinners a few times during the cruise, where your young ones can enjoy eating with their new friends, while mom and dad enjoy a romantic night together.

Explore Adventure Family

Perhaps you want to spend time with your kids for the majority of your Caribbean family cruise. If so, then consider participating in Royal Caribbean's Adventure Family program. This program encourages families to play together, enjoying games at various beaches along the voyage, as well as many on board activities, including family karaoke and much more! So if you are looking for a great family vacation, take a second look at a Royal Caribbean family cruise. You will love the options for entertainment, education, and enjoyment aboard one of them any Norwegian Royal Caribbean ships!

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Discover magical Disney Cruise Line vacations with fabulous children, family and adult cruise activities and exciting Caribbean cruise destinations.


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