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cruises baltimore

Friday, June 27, 2008

cruises from galveston

Western Caribbean Cruises offer Adventure, History and Fun in the Sun

If you have been considering Norwegian a tropical vacation to escape the cold and snow of winter, perhaps a western Caribbean cruise is just what the doctor ordered. You can book a western Caribbean cruise through most of the major cruise lines, since this is a popular destination for many who like taking vacations on the high seas. The factor that makes a western Caribbean vacation interesting is that you may get to explore a number of countries and a variety of cultures. Not only will you have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean, you may also find yourself sailing to destinations like Mexico and South America. Some will also include fun American ports like Key West and New Orleans. You are guaranteed to find something for everyone on a western Caribbean cruise.

Before Booking your Western Caribbean Cruise

Since many of the ports on a western Caribbean cruise are out of the country, make sure that you allow plenty of time to apply for a passport if you do not already have one. Many cruise lines are already requiring passports for travel, in preparation for changes to travel laws that will take effect at the beginning of 2008. Once you have armed yourself with the proper documentation, you can begin to shop for your western Caribbean cruise based on the ports that you would like to visit and the type of ship that will offer the most for your family. While all ships tend to adhere to high quality in service and dining, some are better suited to single or married adults and others cater to families. If you are planning to bring children along on your western Caribbean cruise, make sure that you book a ship that is child-friendly and offers plenty of programs and activities to keep the kids busy and happy.

Planning your Western Caribbean Cruise

Cruise planning tends to take additional preparation in comparison to other types of vacations because of the many different activities that are offered. For example, dining usually requires dress-up clothing and may even include a couple of nights of formal wear. The pools on the ship as well as the many beautiful Norwegian beaches Royal Caribbean that you will visit will require appropriate apparel and equipment, and parties and activities on the ship will have their own dress code as well. Most ships prohibit shorts, tank tops and swim suits in the dining rooms, and some have even stricter dress codes. Make sure that you are well aware of clothing requirements before boarding your ship, and pack accordingly. Since sight seeing is also a popular activity at many destinations, comfortable walking shoes are an absolute must as well. With a bit of advanced planning and organization, you can board your ship with the confidence that you are ready for anything as you set sail on your exciting western Caribbean cruise.

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